03) UI-UX Designing with Online Portfolio

About The Course

UI/UX Designers are people who look at the world with curiosity and desire to escape the ordinary and improve people’s lives. We make you familiar with UI and UX Designing as there is a big demand in the field of UI/UX Industry.
Uber, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Linkedin & others are successful because of the User Experience (UX Design) & User Interface (UI Design) they provide in their Apps.
If you are good either in logic or creative skills, it will be useful as these skills are very important in the field of UI/UX Design.
EMC training will help you become a successful UI/UX Designer.


a.) Introduction To UX
b.) Heuristic Evaluation
c.) Interactive DD Design Workshop
d.) Business and UX
e.) User Study
f.) Persona, Scenario
g.) Storyboarding
h.) Journey Maps
i.) Information Architecture
j.) Task Flow Analysis
k.) Interaction Design Intro
l.) Wireframing
m.) Adobe XD
n.) Axure
o.) Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
p.) Online Portfolio


According to research from Adobe 87 percent of companies are hiring UI/UX designers at a top priority. After completion of the UI/UX Designing Course get quick placement in the IT industry, MNCs, etc. Designers with experience in the field can easily make more than 3.8L to 4 L p.a.