04) Digital Marketing with Live Projects

About The Course

Digital marketing has become a powerful network of advertising in the 21st century. Millions of rupees have been spent by companies on digital marketing for promotion of their ad campaigns. With the help of digital marketing campaigns for promoting any product through the internet has become very easy. New enterprises are focusing more on digital marketing to boost up their productivity. The recent years have seen significant growth in digital marketing. Higher salaries, secured job profiles, and broad goals are some of the benefits of digital marketing course. It is a platform for social media to promote any business and hence there are a number of job opportunities in this field for the youth of today. For those who are more technically minded, can pick up the career in digital marketing.


  • The number of leading companies are hiring Digital Marketing Executives.
  • Hike in the salary package
  • Work with flexibility as a freelancer
  • Showcase your talent and abilities through social media.
  • Re-establish the career with confidence


a.) Digital Marketing: History and Fundamentals
b.) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
c.) Introduction to Webmaster Tool
d.) Content Marketing
e.) Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
f.) Online Display Advertising
g.) Social Media Marketing
h.) Google Analytics
i.) Online Reputation Management
j.) Email Marketing
k.) Google Adsense
l.) Freelance Project Search


Digital Marketing proficients earn a package of 20,000 in the beginning.
Our students are not just trained theoretically, but also get a skill training experience on techniques and software used in the real world, guaranteeing placement after completion of the course.