02) Advanced Web Designing with Online Portfolio

About The Course

This course will help the student to understand and learn the process of web designing.
Web design is what is seen on a computer screen when a user types in a web address, puts a query into a search engine or clicks on a link. Web Design involves the design process that is related to the front-end of a website including writing mark up. Web designing is an Art. Web designers need to combine text with sounds, graphics, pictures, and video clips. Thus, a web designer is tasked with creating the design as well as the layout of a web page or website. It has become more popular than before.
With more people accessing websites from their tablet or smartphone, website owners will require the assistance of professional designers to remain competitive.
Now a day’s everyone is creating their own websites for professional and personal use. It’s a talent of creating presentations of content that is viewable by an end-user through World-Wide-Web…


1) You can learn in a short period of time.
2) Start our own business with low investment.
3) You can do freelancing projects.
4) You can start your own Advertising Agency
5) Work from home.


a.) HTML5.0
b.) CSS 3.0
c.) Adobe Photoshop
d.) Introduction to JavaScript
e.) Adobe Dreamweaver
f.) Bootstrap
g.) Jquery
h.) Online Portfolio


Job Opportunities:
The job requires a blend of artistic talent, technical knowledge, business savvy, and people skills. After completion of Web Designing Course, candidates would become eligible to work as:
● HTML Programmers
● Web Designers
● Web Layout Artist
● Social Media Designer