01) Advanced Graphic Designing with Online Portfolio

Graphic Designing is one of the most essential and popular courses in the field of designing. It is required in every aspect and is an important part of every business and brand in today’s digital day and age.

Duration : 6 Months


02) Advanced Web Designing with Online Portfolio

This course will help the student to understand and learn the process of web designing. Web design is what is seen on a computer screen when a user types in a web address, puts a query into a search engine or clicks on a link. Web Design involves the design process that is related to … Continue reading “02) Advanced Web Designing with Online Portfolio”

Duration : 6 Months


03) UI-UX Designing with Online Portfolio

UI/UX Designers are people who look at the world with curiosity and desire to escape the ordinary and improve people’s lives. We make you familiar with UI and UX Designing as there is a big demand in the field of UI/UX Industry. Uber, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Linkedin & others are successful because of the User … Continue reading “03) UI-UX Designing with Online Portfolio”

Duration : 3 Months


04) Digital Marketing with Live Projects

Digital marketing has become a powerful network of advertising in the 21st century. Millions of rupees have been spent by companies on digital marketing for promotion of their ad campaigns. With the help of digital marketing campaigns for promoting any product through the internet has become very easy. New enterprises are focusing more on digital … Continue reading “04) Digital Marketing with Live Projects”

Duration : 3 Months


05) Diploma in

Multimedia course is a one-year diploma course. This Diploma course is a combination of : Advanced Graphic Designing + Advanced  Web Designing + UI-UX Designing with Online Portfolio+ Job Placement This course provides a great platform to the students, they get a wide range of opportunities to work in various fields, as they become well … Continue reading “05) Diploma in

Duration : 1 Year


06) Online Portfolio with Job Placement

We believe not only in training but also in job placement. Since 2011 till date, 1400+ Students have been placed in various companies at national and international level. 100% Job placement is our guarantee. EMC ensures that you have a great future ahead after completion, of course, we focus quickly on the placement of the … Continue reading “06) Online Portfolio with Job Placement”

Duration : 2 Months