At Excellent Multimedia Classes, we offer advanced courses in graphics design; web design; UI/UX design; digital marketing; motion graphics, that cover the basics well and also provide secondary, more advanced information. Our courses aim to explain complex aspects in a simpler form to help our students grasp easily and implement it when needed. Every course is taught in a way that trains students to make use of their creativity and innovation with the acquired knowledge.

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Graphic Design Course


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Graphic design course in Pune introduced by Excellent Multimedia Classes provides training and placement services. Get graphic design training institute in pune if you are willing to master this creative skill and want to nurture a healthy future. Learn advanced graphic designing in simple ways through our graphic design training institute.

Web Design Course


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EMC has created a comprehensively informative web design course in Pune, taught by highly qualified experienced teachers in an advanced web design training institute.Web designers plan, organize and create amazing designs, graphics, illustrations, videos and other content that is relevant to the website at hand.

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UI/UX Course


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UI/UX design course in Pune by EMC gives you the opportunity to learn the complex concepts of UI/UX designing in simplified ways. Our UI/UX design training institute is a credible source to get trained in this highly sought after skill.Our UI/UX design course in Pune is made with simplicity in mind so that our students can learn quickly and efficiently.

Digital Marketing Course


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Digital Marketing Course in Pune by excellent multimedia classes is designed to make you expert digital marketer with practical knowledge and latest updated syllabus. Digital marketing training in Pune has become a thing of great importance for every online marketer. Through smart digital marketing tactics, businesses can bring their name in the market and attract customers. 

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Diploma in Multimedia

Diploma in Multimedia


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The Diploma in Multimedia Course in Pune is a combination of the four most important courses. Those are,Advanced Graphic Design Course ,Digital Marketing Course,Motion Graphics Course,Spoken English and Soft Skills Training.This is a one year course and ends with an online portfolio buildup and guaranteed job placement. 

Online Portfolio with Job Placement


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Excellent Multimedia Classes offers guidance in creating online portfolio with job placement in Pune and Dubai in our relevant course fields like graphic designweb designui/ux designdigital marketing and motion graphics.Excellent Multimedia is the only training and placement in Pune that provides international placements to its students and associates.

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